According to multiple sources within the Ohio State basketball organization, junior point guard and fan favorite Aaron Craft has decided to forego his senior season to enter the NBA draft.

 According to Craft, the decision did not reflect on his coaches or teammates, but was entirely self centered. "I don't want to send a message that I'm quitting on them for any reason in particular," insisted Craft in a Thursday press conference. "But I gotta get dat money though, you guys know that," continued the scholar athlete as uncomfortable media members tried to think of questions, or rather, which question to ask. "Fuck school," added the devout Christian, former valedictorian, and exercise science major who is on track to apply to med school. After a short pause in which the entire room was silent, Craft then dropped the mic and ran out of the room, obnoxiously bumping into several media members on the way out.

 While Craft's decision comes as quite a surprise to most fans and students, some saw it coming. "Yeah I knew that douche would leave," said junior student DeShaun Thomas. "You could tell the whole season. Always had to take the last shot."

Students within Ohio State's student section, the Nut House, were the first to know of Craft's impending departure. "Yeah, he just barged into a Block O meeting, yelled some obscenities and left. Hate that guy," complained one Nut House member.

According to most draft experts, Craft is not expected to be drafted.