While the new season of the hit BTN live-audience drama 'Ohio State Football' doesn't premier until next month, director Gene Smith is excited to get rolling. "The script [Ohio] has already been written for the first episode, and we think this year might be the best yet," said Smith referring to the 123rd season of the popular show.

The excitement building for this season comes after the show made a serious rebound from a disastrous year in which the show's writers unthinkably wrote in 7 losses for the Buckeyes.

"The intention of that year was to make the next two seasons seem even better in comparison to the show, historically. So in a sense, I think it worked," added Smith about the infamous 2011 season. Following the show's previously mentioned worst season in decades, the producers were able to avoid cancellation, and then some, by bringing in A-lister Urban Meyer for the role of "Coach."

While a few fans of the show questioned the realism of Ohio State actually pulling off that kind of near-perfect hire, ratings overall skyrocketed back to normal heights for the 7-time Emmy-winning series. However, Smith also seemed to indicate that he wasn't finished with improving the show.

"We're definitely working to enhance the quality of the show, especially the CGI used on [lead actor] Braxton Miller," promised the director. "But we're still sticking with the 'win every game' plot line from last year." Smith also announced this season would have 14 episodes instead of 12.